About -Swing Ape-

I’m Swing Ape

and I’m going to tell you a little about me and how I came out clean after getting myself out of the  shithole on several occasions.

I started trading about 2 years ago (2015)when I was 23 years old. I had always been interested in what stocks were and their purpose, but no matter who I went to, everyone usually had the same thing  to say “uh yeah you get to own a part of the company and sell it after 3o years it’s kind of like a savings account man.” or “Its a gamble man no one really makes money in the stock market.” Thank God that I went out an did my own research on the topic because the truth is most people on the street have no idea about stocks or investing in general. I blame that mostly on the school system in place today, its great with making more employees but horrible at teaching people about how to invest and build wealth for themselves.

Once upon a time I was enrolled at the University of North Texas pre-law and was well on my way to getting an English degree so I could then ship out to the best law school that would accept me. After the 3rd year at UNT I was now hanging out with all the other pre-law clique and had met some Lawyers that sat down with me and told me what the job was really about. After giving it much thought I realized that  I was paying $5k per semester for a piece of paper that I needed to give to a law school a year later only for them to ask for more money, and 3 more years of my time. Along with the 40-70 hours a week lawyers work on average and the best part of it all is that most lawyers make an average of only $40,000 per year after all of this. Unless you go to Harvard law or some other Ivy league or start your own practice which could take a decade to build up. There was no way I could ever break free from the financial shackles I would be putting on myself. tisk tisk. Now just using simple logic I thought I could simply save myself the $50k of student loan debt and use the next 4 years of my life to find something that was straight forward, unbiased and that I would enjoy. I dropped out of college and made the move from Texas to California with my family With the idea that there would be more opportunity in the “Big city” than the wide open country side of my home town in Azle,Texas.

After making the move out to California I started working at Sam’s club to feed myself and take a few ladies out on the town. It was nice to leave the pressures of school and have some down time but I knew that this was a quick road to a life of complacency, an that one day I would wake up be 45yo and still have to walk in to that damn store to make ends meet if I continued down that path. I had already seen some fellow co-workers in that situation and needless to say It wasn’t for me. In a desperate attempt to look for business ideas and startups that didn’t require tens of thousand’s of dollars to start I found a video of a popular Trading Guru that loved to throw Rolex watches at the crowd, drove Ferraris’ and spoke about how regular people can learn how to make money work for them instead of it being the other way around all through the art of trading.

After reading all the material I could find I opened up a paper trading account on my cell phone that I grew from 20k to about $5m I felt like I was about to get recruited by Warren Buffet and George Soros as soon as I started trading. However no one had taught me how to deal with Market Makers, read level II, understand that emotions that come with live trading, technicalities and other important points. I opened up a trading account a Merrill lynch with 2k and I was set to go to the moon. Thinking back on it now I can only laugh at my foolishness as I watched my hard earned 2k disappear down to zero and fast .Day trading my tiny account just like my $20k paper trading account without understanding first of all, the difficulty of trading with $2k as compared to my $20k paper account, getting my fills with entries and exits at the right price, calculating commission costs, making impulsive out of nowhere trades and worst of all not understanding that Merrill lynch was not the right broker for my operation along with all sorts of other rookie mistakes.

I was still working at Sam’s at the time an that was where I met Short Shark all I had known about the guy is that he had a sick, always well trimmed and cleaned up beard, that he was straight to the point no bullshit type guy and that he was Jewish, one day he asked me how I was doing and I told him I was getting killed in a stock trade. He told me he had also been trading for some time and Ever since then we have just been bouncing ideas and developing our selves as traders. One of the most fundamental things he had taught me as a traders was that “we trade who we are” meaning that personality has a lot to do with what type of trader you are. If you ever get to meet him in person you’ll notice that Short Shark is a crazy energetic and adrenaline loving dude an that’s why he’s the best short biased day trader I have seen. He loves the fast paced action, in and out with almost machine like precision. AS for me, I like a more laid back more chill style of trading I simply didn’t feel comfortable day trading daily like he can.

After I understood the whole “trade who you are” concept I started swing trading. From the get go It felt amazing I was comfortable taking trades and it wasn’t long before I was getting  15%-70% returns in a few weeks time and having $300-$400 weeks with my tiny account that I had funded again after that very slow debilitating blow out. Soon after, I started applying the same principles I learned an started investing in the Forex market as well. Now days I spend my time taking a couple swing trades a week and getting high as hell Earning my Air transport license, Taking trips around the world, Recording songs in the studio and helping other people learn how to swing trade in my off time. This site is totally free to use with amazing content and free one on one individual attention to anybody who needs a Mentor, and a great free chat room. Don’t be calling me at 3am to bail ya out of jail or anything, but if you ever need anything at all about swing trading or want to shoot the shit about flying airplanes hit me up. At Swingape@stocksnatch.com


-Swing Ape-