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This will get you the basics you need to start looking at the right charts the right way and at the right times. To many people apply the wrong trade strategy to the right trade and vice versa!  This quick overview is free with a free membership enrollment! Sign up now!

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Long, Short, Bull, Bear all a waste of time. Better to be a Shark and Snatch every stock out of the waves that is worth eating. Momo day trader, T/A mainly with light F/A on the backside just to not get blindsided. News is just a catalyst to bring people to the party. The news doesn't mean shit for up or down. it just means people at the party. Level 2 total view for the best chance to win at day trades. Study like your money depends on it and never marry a stock or fall in love. Hit it, when it is hot and drop that bitch before it gets old and pass her to someone else to marry and baghold that cow. Pretty much sums up my trading interest. oh, and Fuck blue chip stocks and the patterns on those. I want nanocap, penny stock b.s full of theft and rampant lies from management on the stocks i trade = Volatility and that is where the big money is made in day trading. Always interesting in learning more about any trade set up, for any time of day, season, market, sector, instrument, and any range from nano to blue chip - but, my love is penny stock as I have stated. Don't like my style or the way I Talk. Fuck You. You are still welcome to join our chat and interact however you like.

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Trade Definitions

Setting up indicators!

Scanner set ups and how to scan for plays

Setting up Support and Resistance Lines AKA Sup and RES Lines once you find a ticker to play

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