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This is one of my favorite StockTwats of me from the imnp board! lol

@LORAXX @Durian

— dontcallmeelvis (@dontcallmeelvis) Jun. 28 at 12:28 PM

Day trading can be a boring, solace affair.

That’s why I made Stock Snatch. I get bored in the other rooms with all their “rules”, and seriously, fuck those 140 letter limited services with their bs “play nice restrictions”

This is day trading – you get emotional, you get loud and it gets crazy.  Fuck being moderated and Fuck being alone while all that is going on at your trade-station.  

No one wants to be told to calm down or relax while they are trying to do what is best for them to stay on top of a trade.

If you gotta be nice and worry about feelings and how other cry baby bitch ass second place trophy whiners are going to react then you are wasting valuable brain power and to much energy that needs to be spent on you making hard earned cash – Not thinking which little bitch might have their feelings hurt!

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However, the good ideas filter down to my blog or chat room.

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You get what you pay for in life except at where you get way more for free than your bitch-ass deserves.
Short Shark
Novice stock trader
Short Shark helped me get my shit together and stop getting fucked on pennystocks. Thanks Short Shark
Swing Ape
Ex-Noob stock trader
Stop sitting there beating your meat like a limp dick loser! The market is fucking you right now with no reach around while you are paying market tuition in lost cash till you make a change.
Short Shark
Helpful Mentor

Stop being a bitch - today!!

Sick and tired of being sick and tired of losing trade after trade? You know you got to make a change but every chat room is so expensive. That is why i joined Short Sharks – Stock Snatch website. I get all the basics I need to stop getting my ass kicked day in and day out in the market. 90% of all day traders lose money, join today and you will be on your way to being in that elite 10% who actually make money.

But you are probably still going to be stupid and lose! Keeping it real!

Old Man Jenkins!
Not Actually Old Man Jenkins but clearly a bitch ass retail investor - douche nozzle! public domain photo

Learn a new way to see pennystocks! shark vision is where it is at!

Psssst. Come here. Yeah you. Come here. Lean in close. I will tell you a secret.  I own a ton of training DVD’s from several top “Gurus” and have spent countless hours sitting in chatrooms and month upon month reading and studying everything I could get my hot little fins on.

I spent so much money and time to learn the ins and outs of the market so I wouldn’t be counted in the statistic that says 90% of traders lose money!

And you know what the fucked up truth is about the “guru’s” and the 10% who make it is? Go ahead, beg me to ram some hard, hot, Shark mentality into your Earhole. You know you want it, the truth that is……Ok, you asked for it you rebel…

Here is the cold, hard truth about guys like Sykes, Desia, Michaud, Fous, Singh (those rat bastards) really and I mean Really, with a big Capital R and K, they Really Know what the fuck they are talking about.

They are worth every shekel  you drop on their dvds and the chat services they provide. They reframed my perception and showed me a solid base to work with. Plus I gained insight into the murky waters of penny stocks and the shady world of retail investing.

By listening to “gurus” (who distilled down their years of “what works” in the day trade business)  I then formulated my own style to apply to the market. Thanks Sykes for being my training wheels! =D

Now, I am going to help you get your trade mentality right. Join us today for an increased chance at a profitable tomorrow! 


There are lots of ways to make money in the market for a trader with the proper training and tools. But not all plans work with all strategies,  account sizes and other contributing factors. 


You might have a millionaire trading plan but if you apply it to the wrong part of the market you will just give your cash to someone who is properly prepared in the proper market. Let us help you gain some understanding.

-Short Shark-

Learn the secrets of profitable chart patterns!

Stop being a one sided Bull or Bear. Learn to be a Shark. The real money is not in being all long or all short. That is Cool for a hot moving trending market but the big money is in the waves and riding around in them eating up bulls and bears while the volatility is in play swinging wilding up and down.

Fortune favors those who are prepared for the circumstances presented to them!

Learn to be a shark and not a guppy. Come swim with the big boys.

Am I as good as any of those highly paid “Guru’s” or Chat services? Fuck NO. That is why I still hang out there. But are we better than you, probably, LoL. And the price is right. You will get way more value than you deserve when joining up and hanging out at see you on the other side, Bitches.

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