VJET Recap 5/23/17

So, this week has seen some crazy emotional runners like $GLYC and $SORL last week. Those I choose to stay away from when I see better traders than me getting chopped up. So this week I choose to sit on my hands and play with lower volume stuff and work on ABCD setups or to scan for low pushes into resistance and easy faders. Sometimes it is nice to have low stress day. Also, I am super baddie at the long side so what better week to work on it than a week that could chop me up on … Read more

Auspex: A + B = D

This is one of the more articulate posts from a non professional I have ever read on Twitter. This guy is pure genius and if you do not follow him you are probably a few beers short of a 12 pack. Here is the link to the Original post. I suggest you read it there on his site for all his links in the article to work and I suggest you read it more than once. THE LINK:–> http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1spa9l6 ——-the following from here down by: Auspex—— My longest TwitLonger to date: When A + B = D A+B = … Read more

$NK Short Trade By JW

So this is a guest post from JW. He did a really great job on his short sale with $NK he let the head and shoulders develope and the neck line break, he then used the VWAP as a guide to get short and enter his position. His entry and covers are denoted on the chart. Great work as a new trader, JW! Here is his write up of what he seen and why he took the trade.. $NK – I had been watching this stock since Friday when it popped on news of FDA IND approval. It spiked … Read more

$SINO Trade on Earnings Release

So, I misspoke on a few things in this short video like Dma and Remount vs slipping under, but you get the idea. Do not trust low float penny stock earning or news lol. It does not mean Jack-Shit! The faster you get that into your brain the better off you will be in the Penny Stock game! Enjoy the video and me trading it terribad. Just non stop bad choices all day. 1.did not cut my losses quickly. 2.stop loss was set wrong so when it came back to retest my stop loss area i held in instead … Read more

$JCP You Dirty Old Whore! Die with some dignity why don’t you!

Thinking back to the good old days as a kid… we would go to the mall and park on the pennys or sears side and short cut into the food court, stopping to briefly peruse the not quite K-Mart garbage offerings but not exactly Target (Which, incidentally  has a much better image 20 years later.) I was totally unaware the good old boys at Jc were even still in business. they slipped off my radar around the time woolworths went belly up and five and dime stores became a thing of the past. That is till this morning. Running … Read more

Invest in Biotech? Read this!

This has to be the funniest thing i have ever read on biotech message board investors. I am only sorry i am not the author.   There is a link to the original on my twitter and you can see the original place it came from in the attached picture and at the bottom of the copy and pasted “7 deadly biotech sin” article. My hat is off to how succinctly the author nailed the points in his piece.   ______________Starting below here, this is not my work and i am ashamed i did not author such great work_____________ … Read more

Today I was a dipshit and took a firm position! $IMMU

The Elephants are dancing and I am a dipshit! But I stuck to my plan (faulty plan)   No trader has it all figured out – hence 90% of traders lose money! But, we all know there are patterns that give you edge. a slight advantage to which way the cookie will crumble and break so to speak. Normally I pride myself on being a Shark – flipping position at a moments notice and not taking a side, just eating up cash. Today I was feeling like shit as I left .70 cents per share on the table. I … Read more

Thoughts on why $IMNP currently sucks Donkey Cock and so do you Mr. Long

A whir and buzz of the popular 140 letter limit feed comments assult my brain with some very sad, hard to accept comments. Most of them littered with what reeks of a stench that is an all too apparent desperation from underwater bag holders who have invested all they can so they deny the iceberg of facts that loom on this Titanic’s event horizon. Any stock can fly, so take this with a grain of salt but let us also suppose for the moment the facts. Let’s play sleuth together and see where the facts might lead us and … Read more