Watchlist 9-7-17 Short Shark

Vero says “go to bed Shark, you never trade the shit you chart anyways” lol touche but the homework keeps me sharp and lets me keep an iron in the fire while waiting on set ups.   Been trading crazy as fuck the last few days. Market parted those legs and let a brother get some! Fall is on its way and the markets are looking better to me as a short seller! I always have a plan for long or short on any chart I am looking at. – KEEP IN MIND I AM A NOVICE- do your … Read more

Watchlist 9-6-17 Short Shark

Been trading lightly lately and practicing for our Small Account Trade Challenge. You will be able to watch me live-stream my desktop to see how I setup, scan and trade a small account geared towards short selling on a day traders account. Summer is winding down and as we all get back to the markets and prepare for the holidays I wanted to say how lucky we all are to be alive in a time and age where we can trade the markets from out desktops/cellphones from anywhere in the world at our fingertips. The world is much smaller … Read more

Swing Ape’s Indicators part I

I’m going to start a 5 part series on the main indicators that I like to use after I have found a great swing opportunity! Ima jump right  into it. This section will be all about Moving averages I use 7 different simple moving averages set to the close; 5,8,21,50,100,200,500 You may use Exponential moving averages for your charts but I prefer Simple, it is entirely up to you. The main difference between these two is that exponential moving averages (EMAs) put more emphasis on the latest most current price movements, simple moving averages are just that… Simple. Yhey take the weight of the pre … Read more

Trade Review EUR/GBP(FX) 9/1/2017

If you guys were following me last week I wrote a blog post about “Chunnel” or the EUR/GBP currency pair and how I was watching it to set up for this week. Well lucky for me that time came  around Wednesday morning and I was right there to snatch up and eat it like a ripe banana. It was a pretty sweet set up with about a 1:10 risk to reward, these are rare find so I was practically salivating in front of my computer screen. Right before taking the trade I had made sure that my overall analysis was on point,double,triple checked to look for anything that I … Read more