This is short shark- love me or hate me- i really don't give a fuck

I get pretty bored during the trade day so I  made this little site to help out those who could be helped and to socialize in a way that fits me.

There are lots of great sites out there and some even have pretty good information on them but none of them fit my extremely hot headed passion for trading or if they do they are to worried about offending subscribers to actually act how they want to. (I do not need your money so I can act however I want – I pay for all this so this is my house, my rules! Join me, kick your feet up and get in where you fit in.)

Welcome to Short Sharks website where you can get as mouthy and emotional as you like.

You can Bear Bash, Bull Pump, YOU can say whatever the fuck is on your mind in The Barn Yard: FREE Chat room.

I will be adding some great links to sites I use that help me stay out of the 90% category of day traders that lose them pesos!

1 Caveat, I am not a swing trader, a blue chip trader, a position trader, an “it could go to the moon” trader,  so if you come in here talking some stupid fucking mismatched ideals that do not line up properly with day trading penny stocks and what and how I trade you will promptly get a swift verbal thrashing.

You are however allowed to argue your point till you’re blue in the face and want to slit your wrists when I am done with you. But most likely you are a misinfomed dip shit who doesnt understand what vehichle he/she (see what I did there? equal rights for all dip shits) is investing in because you are too much of a cheapskate to invest into anything that would clear things up for you or you are a fat slob who eats chips and watches tv in your free time versus scouring the net for some gem of truth in all those quality free lessons out there for anyone to find..

In fact do you even need to pay us or anyone for anything? Nope! But if you want to cut down on the time it takes to get to the shit that counts and is viable,  you have pay for it.

And please do not come in here with your Buffet buy and hold B.S. You are not Warren and you do not have his deep pockets to buy at the bottom and hold for 100 years nor do you have access to the F/A he has access to.

Holding some nanocap you sunk 1,000 bucks into that might net you 5% a year returns is a waste of time. You are wasting time and missing opportunities with that kind of investing strategy. Again, having a mismatched strategy that does not line up with your skills, or your account size or broker – that is the quickest way to blow up your account and catch an argument with me.

-The Day Trader You Hate to Love-
Short Shark
Serious PennyStock day trader - Not a fucking swing trader not a fucking position trader or a Bull or Bear. Shark -I trade to eat them all with 90% T/A 5%F/A 4% News 1% Go Fuck Yourself