Chat room: barnyard - free - use at your own risk

This room is FREE. I do not want to hear any complaining. Anything goes in here. I pay for it so it is my way. Cursing, negative comments, racism and in general fuckery and D baggery will most likely be going on in here. If you don’t like that, then get fuck out. I only request if you are going to share stock related advice you use the proper tickers and shorthand that goes with it. Enjoy and welcome to the BarnYard!!

how to join the chatroom

Click on the icon in the bottom left of screen that matches this icon described in the picture above. Clicking on the live bouncing icon in the bottom left will open the chat room. We use a minimized version on login as to not over take your entire screen.

Proper, Commonly used Trade Terms in the room.

G/R: Green to Red Test

R/G: Red to Green Test

LOD: Low Of Day

NHOD: New High Of Day

HOD: High Of Day

SS: Short Sale

VWAP Volume Weighted Average Price

9 EMA: Exponential Moving Average based on the last 9 closed candles for the time frame chosen

20 EMA: Exponential Moving average based on the last 20 closed candles for the time frame chosen

50 SMA: the last 50 simple moving average candles closed

100 SMA: 

200 SMA:

Bid Prop: The action of a Market Maker continually adding shares to an already cleared price in an attempt to stabilize that price area

HFT’s/Algos: High Frequency Trader, generally Algorithmic computer doing the buying and selling

Open: to open a new position

Closed/Cover: To sell a long or buy back shares short to close the trade back to net even on shares.

Starter Position: A small amount of shares to feel the stock out before sizing in further

ABCD: the slow steady grind up of a tickers price action and the pull back which makes a higher low pull back and then continues on for another higher high and a higher low pull back. This continues till D falls below the last C made, at which point you exit the trade.

SSR: Short Sale Restriction-Whenever a stock drops 10% below the previous day’s closing price the SSR kicks in and you can not hit the Bid with your short sale. BOOO

R/S: Reverse Split. when a company takes the issued outstanding shares and reduces them by  taking all shares and dividing them by the amount the board approved. IE 10 to 1 so if you had 1,000 shares before the R/S you now have 100 or 10 exchanged for 1. A very bad sign for the company. Usually performed to continue to meet a price minimum listing requirement 

BO: Break out. meaning it broke over the some previous significant price point on the chart and volume is coming in to sustain it.

Fake Out: same as before but the volume does not keep the break out going and it reverses and now becomes a great short opportunity. 

BD: Break Down. support from below has tapped several times and finally breaks past it and starts to give back all of its recent gains. or if a long term trend of taps on weekly and daily charts it breaks down to new all time lows.

SMA or MA: Simple Moving Average or Moving Average.

B/O: Buy Out- company A is bought out from company B offering money to them and they have agreed to move forward with the Takeover/Buy Out.

FOMO: A deadly mental issue that takes over you when price is moving faster and faster and you were not prepared for the move and are now struggling to perform late DD to find the right spot and then, wham, you just jump in. always to late and always damaging the account. FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out

DD: Due Diligence. that could be plotting sup and res or actually checking into the Catalyst or the F/A but it should include all of that.

Sup and Res: Support and Resistance Price Points on a chart plotted out before trading is started so you have a clear clue as to where it might go.

Caty: Catalyst, the reason for the current move up or down IE News of some sort that moves people to action

F/A: Fundamental Analysis IE Float, Ownership, Earnings, Sales, S4 10Q 10K 8K etc etc

S4: Insider sales or buys form filed with SEC

10K: Yearly finances for the company IE Tax return

10Q: Quarterly Returns filed

8K: A material change needing to be reported between 10Q’s that can’t wait per SEC rules.

T/A: Technical Analysis. Checking a chart for obvious patterns and to plot Sup and Res lines. Patterns IE Bull Flags, Bear Flags, Trend, consolidation, Accumulation Phase, Distribution Phase

SEC: Security Exchange Commission

Chill: A rare but deadly process by which the American Depositary Revokes the right to issue shares and hold them with them so they can freely trade. If you are caught in a chill while holding shares it will be damn near impossible to sell them as they can’t be free traded on the big markets.

Price Action: The Candles made on the chart by how the shares were traded during that candles time of measure.

Volume Candle: the candles on the chart that show you how much interest in each actual Price and there was while it was being made

Tutes: Institutional Ownership of shares

Insiders: Shares held by the company directors or other Corporate insiders

ER: Earnings Release. when the company reports to us retail folks how they did in the 10Q or the 10K

Reversal Candle: A candle on the chart that shows there most likely will be a change of direction. generally this will be followed be a confirmation candle and decent Volume candles will coincide with it as well

Lower Highs: Meaning it is getting weaker and time for bull to lock in profit and time for bears to short

Higher Lows: Meaning with each Pull Back it was higher than the last one-getting stronger

Higher Highs: Price action candle tops are moving higher than the last ones. Bullish unless coupled with lower lows which is an expanding range. check volume to see if it is getting weaker to confirm a Trend change is about to hit 

Soaked: usually referred to as an area that had some pull back in a strong uptrend and when it pulled back to that price zone, everyone who wanted to sell was soaked up by new buyers on the dip and it continues forward and back up.

Pull Back: Nothing ever moves straight up. it has to move up and then pull back to let some people exit and lock in some profits. If it has lots of people waiting to get in on a pull back the area will get soaked up and the new Buyers will carry the price higher, till the next Pull back when others exit and new buyers enter. over and over till a pull back fails to hold a pull back and soak level and then makes a lower low and starts to change trend.

Shake Out: Your entry was taken out by your stop loss but almost the exact area you stopped out reversed to continue higher without you lol, you got shaken out or faked out. lol

Ticker Painter: An assclown who tosses up a Last second buy or sell to make the chart look like it had much more range than it had. It is used to fool Charting people who just see the daily candle but not the actual interest at each price level for the shares.

MM: Market Maker – those who provide buy and sell side liquidity so we have smooth and orderly markets to exchange in

ECN: Electronic Clearing Network. It is why we can day trade from out comps now and not have to call somebody and request they buy for us and why the fees to trade have come down so far from the old days

Bears: Heros of the market, First to stop that falling knife by covering short positions and slowing down the destruction caused in sell off and giving the dip buy bull a spot to safely enter into a  buy.

Bulls: Needed dirt bags who buy things to the moon and cause price imbalance so we have a way to make money on the improperly priced security. Bears always have to come Fix their crazy bull counterparts emo emotions that caused things to run up way too far. 

Sharks: exceptionally aggressive non directional day traders who just take whatever pattern is moving inside the day’s price action and do it both ways multiple times per day on the same stock.