Swing Ape’s Indicators part I

I’m going to start a 5 part series on the main indicators that I like to use after I have found a great swing opportunity! Ima jump right  into it. This section will be all about Moving averages I use 7 different simple moving averages set to the close; 5,8,21,50,100,200,500 You may use Exponential moving averages for your charts but I prefer Simple, it is entirely up to you. The main difference between these two is that exponential moving averages (EMAs) put more emphasis on the latest most current price movements, simple moving averages are just that… Simple. Yhey take the weight of the pre … Read more

Chart Scan Template

Here is the things I check to help me decide if i am interested in taking a position  on a trade. Print it out and or drop it into a template and use it for your Due Diligence. -Shark-   Sector:   Volume: Average Volume: Shares OS: Float: Income: Sales: Beta: Insider/ Institutionally owned:     %      % Catalyst: Grade Setup:  

Economic Calendar

It can be real tough to get a grip on the global economy and all the important dates and events that take place on a daily basis and their expected impact on the market. This is where its handy to have an Economic Calendar. Even though they are mostly used for Forex trader its good to glance at it sometimes just to add to your situational awareness when putting on a trade regardless if its a stock trade or if its FX.Through an Economic Calendar you’ll be able to monitor market-moving events, such as economic indicators and monetary policy decisions. Market-moving events, which are typically announced or released in a report an other news and events that have a high probability of impacting the financial markets. My personal favorite is a free economic calendar offered by Dailyfx.com,because of its comprehensive format. Though there are plenty available by simply searching through your favorite search engine.

You can check it out herehttps://www.dailyfx.com/calendar

Auspex: A + B = D

This is one of the more articulate posts from a non professional I have ever read on Twitter. This guy is pure genius and if you do not follow him you are probably a few beers short of a 12 pack. Here is the link to the Original post. I suggest you read it there on his site for all his links in the article to work and I suggest you read it more than once. THE LINK:–> http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1spa9l6 ——-the following from here down by: Auspex—— My longest TwitLonger to date: When A + B = D A+B = … Read more