Watchlist for 7-12-17

Kinda taking the summer off, but it is hard to stay away!! and had one of my best days in awhile do to things like OCUL after hours no mas from the FDA! lol thank you FDA

I always have a plan for long or short on any chart I am looking at. – KEEP IN MIND I AM A NOVICE- do your own due diligence. I am always studying new things to give me a little more edge over the next trader.

I am not trying to call price targets or trends, I just look at charts that have range to play or are at break down or break out levels. But each day is new on the market and a trend can change and break your chart so be prepared for that, long, short and sideways.

Do your own DD and have a plan for each morning, long or short and be aware of the market you are in, bear market, bull market, how is the VIX  today? the SPY? is the ticker you are planning to play in the hot sector, cold sector? What is the most recent catalyst? How is the volume? Is there enough average shares traded daily to get in and out with ease? 1 milion average volume is about the minimum.

The day before was the ticker barely holding up, did the stock close strong? was the strong close just shorts covering or is it organic want and desire from true longs who are now bag holder to defend this price point and zone? Are you playing a breakout play, a wash out then buy the bottom? LOD bounce and long? Resistance deflection and shorting the pull back, ETC ETC? Know your patterns that you like to play and what kind of stock – in which sectors – and the catalyst that drive price imbalances on them to get the best edge for you skill set.  -Trade Safe-


Cash is also a position and the safest position to be in. When it doubt-pull out-reassess and re enter the proper hole/set-up =P


My watchlist will probably look like everyone else’s tonight.  I usually like to chart the not obvious plays but sometimes they are too hot not to play lol.

Still on this for a few days. Still feels a little heavy with some early shorts getting worked out. Watching for a better entry on the short today! first red day. Good old Tim Sykes play right here.

AVEO: Everyone is watching this and it is still got some guts in it. Waiting for it to shake out the early shorts and get a reversal in. might be days to come but it is worth the wait.


Volume: 23 mill, out of control for now. waiting for it to simmer down and the moon boot chasers to come back to reality.

Float: 100 mill YES. fuck you AVEO

Income: HA! income what income. losers. -28 mill

Sales: 3.8 million hahah

Insider/ Institutionally owned: Tutes 52%ish insider meh. not much

Catalyst: news from Zacks – yes please, add more longs to get that push up to over 3.74 area and then on to 5 to make a great short.

A Grade Setup just waiting for reality to kick in at an overhead res spot on the chart or to try and make some moronic new high it can’t sustain.



HK: was on my scanner as a potential double bottom long last night. well, cool. Some overhead res, chart is way thick. looking for a push to the 200 sma to short from.


B- set up.  I won’t go into why till this play is over with.


This one is still on watch and doing well.


CLNE: I like this one for a possible long if i could get it to pull back and hold a higher low. so much over head res. wanna see what it does at the 2.60 taps and then see if it can make a move up to the 200 sma. 2.30’s would be my entry/stop out.


Volume: 1.4 mill

Float: 134 mill, really it is too high

Income: 46 mill. respectable

Sales: 396 mill

Insider/ Institutionally owned: 10%ish and 37%ish

Catalyst: Sector it is in is doing decent right now and some semi useless fluff kinda write up aka clean energy work looking at etc etc

B Grade Setup. float too large for my liking but they do have earnings ands insider/tute ownership. watch this for a week or two and see what it does.


VSTM: way over blown for the news. shorted today and will look to re-short again

Volume: 5 mill

Float: unknown on fin viz….

Income: -41 mill. POS

Sales: Start up garbage that belongs on the pinks

Insider/ Institutionally owned: 1%ish and 28%ish

Catalyst: Some crazy new CFO guess she is gonna make the non income startup burn less cash

B Grade Setup. float is missing, cash burn is sick no one from the inside wants any shares.. yeah short short short


This one has me curios as to why it is above 3 bucks…… back burner.

AGEN: interesting bull flag off some bad news, cleared all over head res but i will watch this for some pull back at the 5 area and a little over. If it keeps marching with strength i would long a pull back level that holds maybe in the lower 4’s


Volume: fair

Float:  52 mill

Income: -112 mill

Sales: 392 mill

Insider/ Institutionally owned: 73ish%     le sigh!

Catalyst: recent news buncha recent everyday useless fluff bs stuff. and T/A chart bull flag coupled with old RES areas being pushed past

Grade: C+ setup because the ownership %



Noteable Mentions: from yesterday.


CETV: low ass volume but it had issues at 4.56 overhead res.


XCRA: tight, low volume but just really wants to push up and over. back burner watch list. just can’t seem to find the guts to push through. had some issues today on the push over. on watch again for a fail. volume to guide long or short.


BASI: higher lows and tightening up, but idk just lacks volume and guts to really get it up and over and no real catalyst right now. on watch again, pushed over and had some nice range on a little guy. seeing if it gets more love today!


YUMA: please give me 3’s to look at a short to start into!!! please stock gods. lol 3’s before a reversal lol!! so on again today did not see 3 but it did bounce nice off the 1.51 area and move back to 2.20’s nice range on such small fry. looking rto long and short intraday as it ranges

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